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UPDATED: Thursday, 6 April, 2023
4:00 PM EDT (North America)
20:00 GMT

Hi Phriends,

GREAT NEWS!  The replacement PhinisheD discussion board is up and running and we are adding features and putting the finishing touches on it. It won't be exactly the same as our old site, but I hope everyone will find it familiar and comfortable and user-friendly. When it is ready to go, you can find it here, so keep checking at Until then, our moderators group continues to welcome PhinisheD members to our Discord site. If you would like to get back together with your phriends, please rejoin the group at Discord. Some rules to keep in mind:

  1. You must be a PhinisheD member in order to be given access to the chatroom. This helps make sure that this is a safe place for all PhinisheD members.
  2. When joining, please change your nickname on Discord to your PhinisheD username. This allows everyone to keep track of who is online and interacting. If you do not know how to change your nickname on Discord, please see the FAQ of our Discord server.
  3. Once you register, an admin might reach out to you through private message to confirm that you are a member on PhinisheD.
  4. Please review the About PhinisheD page, to get a sense of the environment and goals of Phinished.
  5. Please also carefully review the PhinisheD Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy statement, since the rules of acceptable behaviour apply here as well.
  6. Please have your status set to either 'Online', 'Idle' or 'Do not disturb', but not 'Invisible', in order to access the main chat channels. This is to ensure everyone's privacy.
  7. We ask that you log off or close your browser window when you are done for the day. We ask that you do this out of courtesy for others so that there are no "ghosts" (names of people who are not really there) and no confusion about who is around.

If you agree to these rules and you have reviewed the About and Policy pages, you may join the PhinisheD Discord group at (NOTE: this link as been updated as of January 11, 2023)

Thanks for your patience, and keep your fingers crossed that we'll be back online soon. Please check back here regularly for status updates.

Warmest regards,
     PhinisheD Webmaster

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