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RSS Feeds

You can now add PhinisheD board summaries to your favorite news reader or aggregator, including your customized My Yahoo!, Google homepage, My MSN, or My AOL. This process uses a technology called RSS, and lets you keep up with the latest discussions on PhinisheD. To learn more about using RSS, see the FAQs.

PhinisheD RSS Feed Links and Tools
All boardsPhinisheD RSS Feed PhinisheD RSS2 Feed Add PhinisheD to My Yahoo! Add PhinisheD to Google Add PhinisheD to My MSN Add PhinisheD to My AOL
BoardRSSRSS2Add to My Yahoo!Add to GoogleAdd to My MSNAdd to My AOL
PhorumPhorum RSS Feed Phorum RSS2 Feed Add Phorum to My Yahoo! Add Phorum to Google Add Phorum to My MSN Add Phorum to My AOL
Tech SupportTech Support RSS Feed Tech Support RSS2 Feed Add Tech Support to My Yahoo! Add Tech Support to Google Add Tech Support to My MSN Add Tech Support to My AOL
Phinally PhinisheD!Phinally PhinisheD! RSS Feed Phinally PhinisheD! RSS2 Feed Add Phinally PhinisheD! to My Yahoo! Add Phinally PhinisheD! to Google Add Phinally PhinisheD! to My MSN Add Phinally PhinisheD! to My AOL
On The MarketOn The Market RSS Feed On The Market RSS2 Feed Add On The Market to My Yahoo! Add On The Market to Google Add On The Market to My MSN Add On The Market to My AOL
OTOT RSS Feed OT RSS2 Feed Add OT to My Yahoo! Add OT to Google Add OT to My MSN Add OT to My AOL
Phood & PhitnessPhood & Phitness RSS Feed Phood & Phitness RSS2 Feed Add Phood & Phitness to My Yahoo! Add Phood & Phitness to Google Add Phood & Phitness to My MSN Add Phood & Phitness to My AOL
Help DeskHelp Desk RSS Feed Help Desk RSS2 Feed Add Help Desk to My Yahoo! Add Help Desk to Google Add Help Desk to My MSN Add Help Desk to My AOL
DailyDaily RSS Feed Daily RSS2 Feed Add Daily to My Yahoo! Add Daily to Google Add Daily to My MSN Add Daily to My AOL
WeeklyWeekly RSS Feed Weekly RSS2 Feed Add Weekly to My Yahoo! Add Weekly to Google Add Weekly to My MSN Add Weekly to My AOL
MonthlyMonthly RSS Feed Monthly RSS2 Feed Add Monthly to My Yahoo! Add Monthly to Google Add Monthly to My MSN Add Monthly to My AOL
VRVR RSS Feed VR RSS2 Feed Add VR to My Yahoo! Add VR to Google Add VR to My MSN Add VR to My AOL
PubdissPubdiss RSS Feed Pubdiss RSS2 Feed Add Pubdiss to My Yahoo! Add Pubdiss to Google Add Pubdiss to My MSN Add Pubdiss to My AOL

To add any or all available PhinisheD boards to your My Yahoo!, Google, My MSN, or My AOL home pages, simply click the corresponding icon in the table. This will take you to a confirmation page with controls to add PhinisheD summaries to your customized page.

If you use another startup page service or news aggregator, select the appropriate orange RSS icon to get the URL to paste into your RSS reader. The feeds are provided in two formats, RSS and RSS2. RSS (v0.91) is based on a standard written by Netscape and provides a link and the title of the thread. RSS2 (v2.0) contains title, author, date and a small portion of the contents of the first post in the thread. This is the format used by most modern aggregators and readers.

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