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Sadly, Chat is dead. However, through the efforts of several of our members, we have created a chat room on Discord. We would love for more people to join us there, but we do have a few rules:

  1. If you are a new member, please have at least one introductory post on the phorum before joining the discord. We'd love to know about your journey, and doing this will save you from repeating your story to everyone.
  2. When joining please join with your Phinished username, this allows everyone to keep track of who is online and interacting.
  3. Please read the FAQ. We have a few 'bots' which are short pieces of code that we've added to help us automate certain processes, such as deleting message history and running poms.
  4. Please have your status as set to either 'Online', 'Idle' when you're temporarily away from your screen or 'Do not disturb' in order to not receive notifications. If the Discord admins learn that you are set to 'Invisible' you will receive one warning before being banned from the server. This is to ensure everyone's privacy.

Please do join us, we're looking forward to welcoming everyone!


Local time is 6:17 PM (22:17 GMT).

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