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How hard can it be? Anti-PP and G'nuff - rant!! (posted by Kendra) Link Options
1st June 2007 11:44 AM
Description: Kendra reflects on the process of research and writing and urges her fellow Phinishers to relax and appreciate the experience.
Category: Balance and Perspective
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Replies to Link: How hard can it be? Anti-PP and G'nuff - rant!! (posted by Kendra)
28th July 2010, 9:18 PM   #1
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I am new to this site. But I have to thank my friend for introducing me to this. It is a comfort to be able to reach out in some manner, even if it means just reading about others struggles. I have been working on my Ph.D for the past 7 years and as more time passes by without any progress towards an end to it, I feel like a failure. Leads to a negative loop where I don't get anything done, not that any of my experiments yield anything anyway. I thought I had gotten over the stage where I just wanted to quit, but that would just make me feel more like a failure. In my past, I have managed to work through these feelings. Hopefully, can do the same now. What bothers me the most about the Ph.D process is the erosion of my confidence in anything I do, work or otherwise.

Coming across this post really helped me today.
Thank you,
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