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Will working a tenure-track job while I'm still ABD be so time-consuming that it will decrease my chances of phinishing? If I get a job and I'm not finished, what do I do?
GeoGal explains why it is reasonable to expect to lose 2-3 months of work on the dissertation while on the job market: Seconding Samantha's jobhunting=timesuck assessment... by GeoGal.

Ana's encouraging story of how she finished her dissertation while working full-time: Finally, re-emerging from darkness (long) by Ana.

Are research assistantships preferable to teaching assistantships?
Erika explains why RA s often get a jump start on their dissertations: ditto CarolC's experience + important question to ask by Erika.

My department offers very little advice to graduate students who are just beginning to teach. I'm headed into my first semester as a teaching assistant - and I'm terrified! Do you have any tips for new graduate student teachers?
Erika's experience with learning to teach: Learning to teach is a trial by fire (plus, some links) by Erika.

See also Teaching and Pedagogy in the links section, a section that was inspired by this thread.

What should I expect during a job interview? A phone interview?
Questions to expect during an interview: Advice from one of my mentors (long) by Sherry.

Erika describes her phone interviews and gives advice for a successful phone interview: Advice for a phone interview by Erika.

See also Interviewing in the "Links" section for lots of articles on how to prepare for conference interviews and campus visits.

How should I budget for campus visits and job interviews? (e.g. Will I need to buy a suit or fancy clothes? Will my home department or prospective employer reimburse travel costs? Etc.)
Erika's post on what she spent on the job market sparked an interesting thread on different standard of dress for the job market in different academic professions: My job search costs, so far by Erika.

How much intimacy is too much when it comes to my relationships with the undergraduates whom I teach as a graduate student?
Kharyssa tells the story of how the personal information on her personal webpage became a problem for her students: I am beyond furious - but resigned anyway - just venting! by kharyssa.

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